Wyatt Reader

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Raindog & Rainier Woodworking Company


In 2001, I left management consulting to embark on an entrepreneurial adventure and my family--literally, my aunt and uncle, mom and dad and my wife and I--purchased Rainier Woodworking just after 9/11.  An adventure it has been.  My journey has taken a number of twists and turns and I have had to play every role imaginable over my time at Rainier.   This endeavor represents my crack as IT developer.  Follow the link to see where I am at with my External link opens in new tab or windowraindog application.

Raindog is meant to perform the following functionality for the cabinet/millwork industry:


  • Pricing, including custom configurations
  • Order Management & Tracking
  • Catalog & Configuration Management
  • Basic CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Account Management
  • Links to Important Suppliers & Resources for the design process

We are making progress getting this functionality deployed and would appreciate any insight, suggestions or comments you might have.  

Scott Reader